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About Us

LivingLight_0001In the tranquil honeymoon setting of Mozambique, “Please hand over the camera – it’s my turn” is a phrase that soon became an all too familiar one. One that soon lead to the conclusion that one camera was just not going to be enough. Sharing was going to be a problem…

We are a husband and wife team, Waldo and Marti-Mari. Clearly both very passionate about photography. Something we share and have a growing love for. And although we both love it, we definitely each have a very unique approach to it. We each have an unique interest in it.

We are probably as different as two people can be. And it shows. But that is one of the things that makes us such a good team when it comes to our photography. We see the world very differently. We experience it differently. We view it differently. And as a result the same scene is captured from different, but complementary perspectives.

About the name

“Living Light” is both a play on words and the way that we hope to approach life.

Light is probably the single most important factor when it comes to photography. It is the one thing that it all revolves around. The one thing that you absolutely cannot do without.

We are also called to be the light the world. And photography is possibly one of the most tangible ways of doing that. Of capturing. And giving. And showing love.


About Marti-Mari

Standing on the deck of the ferry, face numb, fingers frozen – I gazed out over the Scottish highlands lake… oblivious to the freezing cold. To my problems and concerns. To the world around me. Completely in love with the scene in front of me. Viewed through the lens of my camera.

That must be the moment I realised that I truly, deeply loved photography. Above all, I loved capturing landscapes. That is where God speaks to me. Where I feel totally at peace. For a moment – at one with nature. Freezing an instant in time. Adding visual memory to experience.

Although it has been a growing passion for years, it has taken me nearly as long to take the leap to a more serious venture into photography. Having completed a BSc. degree in Architecture, a B. Consumer Science degree in Housing and a postgraduate diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications Management, I have always been a creative. An artist at heart – expressing myself in images and words.

From the school girl whose favourite subject was art, photography was a natural progression. During my time as a student at Stellenbosch University, I explored my interest in photography by completing a Photography diploma course at Boland College. Not even owning a SLR camera at that stage, I had to use my father’s! During my Architecture studies at the University of Pretoria, black and white film photography and development was part of the curriculum for one of my subjects. In the interim I have been busy with a host of other things. But the photography spark was once again ignited for me more recently, when Waldo and I completed Photography and Lightroom courses together.

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About Waldo

Gadgets. Sports. The great outdoors.

To me, those were the main attractions. Since I can remember, I have wanted to be outside – definitely not cooped up indoors. And all kinds of sports. I just love it! What better way to combine it all than through photography?

As a high school boy, I felt right at home as the school newspaper photographer. Making it my mission to go out and find adventure. From rock concerts to rugby and windsurfing. Even school debates, if all else failed.

I went on to study viticulture at Elsenburg Agricultural College in Stellenbosch. With a yearning to work outside, a deep love for nature and landscapes, that seemed like the logical choice. An office job was not going to cut it! Through my career in farming, I live close to the earth. I get to experience the seasons and weather, vineyards and mountains on a daily basis. That birthed a natural love for landscape photography.

Another great love is mountain biking. Inevitably set in nature, it is a great platform to live out my passion for photography.LivingLight_0003

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